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Hair themselves cannot be oily, it is scalp oil that makes them look oily and dirty. Usually oily scalp appears during teen ages when oil glands start working extensively. Oily scalp can be recognized with tissue-paper - on the second day after shampooing put a piece of tissue-paper to your scalp. The cost you might be facing will probably be substantially more than using hair loss shampoos or investing in a hairpiece but surgical hair methods can be a good long term solution if you are suffering from irreversible scalp hair loss.If your glands are over-active, excess oil can be produced and can accumulate on the scalp, hair and can clog follicle pores.  Excess oil can trap dirt and combine with yeast to create bacteria, irritation and inflammation.Those suffering from oily scalp can repeatedly wash their hair, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

But you can rid yourself of these issues with the assistance of zinc. Are you ready to wave goodbye to your itchy, oily scalp issues? In recent studies it had been proven that too much oil in the hair and scalp is caused by an over active sebaceous glands. These glands produce oil for the follicle shafts and cuticle in order to give you a healthy glowing hair.Co-located on follicle pores Sebaceous glands major role is to produce and secrete oil for the follicle shaft, root, and cuticle. This will make the hair flexible and shiny.One interesting thing to note about shampoo found in most stores is that they contain harmful chemical additives. At least 90% of them contain one called sodium laureth sulphate. Your hair and scalp already produces enough of it, but sometimes it can be a pain and cause problems. We'll take on that in a second, but for now you need to recognize that it's necessary.

You must use an herbal based shampoo that contain specific ingredients designed to gently but effectively remove sebum plugs as well as to deep cleanse the hair follicle. First you're going to need some witch hazel, mouthwash, and cotton wool. What you do is mix the witch hazel and mouthwash together. Only apply it to the scalp, as the witch hazel could really dry out your hair and you don't want this happening to you.Using the juice from lemons diluted with water can be a tremendous aid for controlling an oily scalp. All you need really is about four lemons and a quart of water. This is perhaps one of the best remedies that'll also protect your hair.

Rinse your hair well with it, being sure to massage it in so that it reaches your scalp pores and dries up excess oil. What I like about this little remedy is that it's not harsh on your hair. Just be sure to keep the lemon juice to a minimum and you will be fine.A lot of myths are revolving around what causes hair loss and what doesn't. Well let me just say that heredity is certainly not on of them, but oily scalp is.Even the application of olive oil works great when it is massaged into your scalp. Just be sure to leave it on for 24 hours and then wash away.

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All about Oily Scalp

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This article was published on 2011/01/07