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Baldness is a very common problem among people in the middle ages. It affects men more than women, which is a proven fact. Baldness is something that all people want to avoid. It does make a person look older and worn out. This is entirely unacceptable by people in the present generation, and is considered best on Popeye and professor Flutesnoot (with reference to the famous Archie’s Comics). In India, people are seen to try a number of hair oils and potions that guarantee regeneration of hair and strengthening if hair follicles. However, most of them being cosmetic products, do not have much impact towards the cause. At the same time, stress, pollution, breast feeding, malnutrition, bad diet and lifestyle, and worse, genetics keep taking a toll on the fertility of the scalp.

The next best option is hair transplant. This is a procedure that is not unknown to people in general. Baldness usually occurs in the center of the head from which it spreads outwards. This shows that the hair follicles at the back of the head is more bald resistant than the follicles in the center of the head. What hair transplantation does is relocate the non functional follicles with the functional ones located at the back of the head. This completes the procedure - simple enough and safe enough for all in the bald brigade to embrace. Many people try and stay away from this no-trouble process solely because they think that when take from the back of the head and relocated to the bald area, the functional follicles will also get damaged.

This is a false notion that people have drilled in their minds. The relocated hair follicles are by nature resistant to balding. Thus, any kind of transplant can be considered to last a lifetime. People may end up going to the grave at 100 with their hair still intact on their head. Grey or black cannot be guaranteed though. Hair transplant in India is gaining momentum. This goes on to show the number of people who are facing this issue is on the rise and also the number of people who want a better looking head is seriously considering this option.

Hair transplant or grafting is not a very painful procedure. Many my think that having a needle going through the head can be as bad as one of those Texas Chainsaw movies, but all that happens is mild soreness and discomfort for a day or two. The donor areas and the recipient areas are both numbed with anesthesia so that minimum or no pain is felt. When done through a proper professional, it will also look as good as new within weeks! However, the point to be noted here is that, it is necessary to see a dependable and reputed doctor for this process. The shady ones who charge less for more can cause more damage than good. The cost of Hair Grafting In India is usually around Rs.50 per follicular unit. If you are performing around 1500 units or more, the mathematics seems quite clear. But this is a very small amount to pay for a lifetime of bald-free existence.

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Basic Information On Hair Transplant

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Basic Information On Hair Transplant

This article was published on 2012/03/01