Chest Hair Transplant

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More and more people are becoming aware of their appearance these days. Women have always cared a lot about their looks. But these days, men no longer have to be ashamed of being so called 'metrosexuals'. We do everything in our power to stave off the natural aging process' effects on our looks.

We try to stay slim, we try to keep our teeth white and we try to hang on to our hair. For hair loss, there are many products available on the market today that will help in preventing further hair loss. Some topicals and drugs even have the ability to reverse the effects of thinning hair.

The only method that gives you permanent results is the hair transplant. Normally, a strip excision is done from the back of your head because this is where the donor hair comes from. Today, more and more hair transplant surgeons are excavating the donor hairs individually. This is less invasive than a strip hair transplant.

Chest Hair Transplant

When harvesting hair follicles individually, you don't necessarily need to get them from the back of your head anymore. You might as well use body hair as donor hair. Let's say you have a very hairy chest or back, then it is possible to have a hair transplant surgeon harvest donor hairs from your body and implant them back on top of your head.

You may wonder if body hair will look a little silly on the top of your head. This is actually no problem. Because the body hairs that are implanted there, will take on the properties of the rest of your scalp hair. It's going to grow just as long as your normal head hair.

The tiny wounds that will be left after harvesting your body hairs will leave only very tiny scars. You will likely not notice them at all. This is much less invasive than a traditional strip transplant. Because the strip wound will leave a strip scar that's known to stretch and get itchy after a few months.

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Chest Hair Transplant

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This article was published on 2010/03/27