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As you know, dry hair is the main cause for the increasing hair loss issues reported in majority of people today, regardless the age and gender. In order to prevent your hair from being dry excessively, you have to keep proper care of your hair by treating with regular moisturizing conditioners. If you try, you can make good homemade conditioner for your hair with some natural ingredients that you may find at your home itself. Home remedies for dry hair is always effective and safe for your hair than trying chemical products that claim to condition the hair. Using harsh conditioners can further destroy the natural beauty of the hair. So, you must be careful in choosing the right product and safe ingredients for your hair to retain its natural moisture. Here, we are providing you with some of the best hair conditioner recipes for your dry hair that can be made and used at your home itself.

Hair conditioner recipes for dry hair can be easily made at home with the things that are available commonly in your kitchen. You can improve the condition of your hair and strengthen the scalp by quickly making a hair conditioner using an egg yolk, one cup papaya pulp, half cup of whole milk, half cup of coconut milk and some two drops of lavender oil. Mixing these ingredients will give you a good conditioner that is not only safe for your hair but also revitalizes and restores the natural shine and beauty of your hair effectively. When applying the conditioner on your scalp, always start from the tips and leave in as such for some 10 to 15 minutes to get absorbed. Applying this best homemade conditioner regularly after shampooing will make your hair more healthy and lovely. You can also make a good conditioner by using some olive oil, vegetable oil and honey that is well heated and then cooled. Massaging your scalp with this efficient conditioner and then wrapping it with a towel for about 60 minutes will make your hair shine with life. You can also use mayonnaise and henna for conditioning your dry hair in the same way with a good herbal shampoo. There are so many other natural ingredients that when used as a conditioner regularly can address all your hair problems naturally.
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Conditioner For Dry Hair- News

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This article was published on 2010/12/20