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DHT or direct hair transplant is one of the most popular methods in hair transplantation. Hair transplant through this process is fast and completely painless. There is no need for removing any part of your scalp, there are no incisions, there is no hair transplant surgery and there is no requirement for any donor site as well.

The philosophy of this process

Hair transplant through the DTH method follows a very simple formula. It is generally seen that people experience hair loss at the front of their head or at the top. The hair at the back of the head is not shed that fast. And then there is hair in the other parts of the body as well. When someone goes for direct hair transplant treatments the specialist uses hair from other parts of the body and implants it onto the area of the head where there is no hair. However, for some people, hair in different parts of the body differs from the hair on the head in texture. In cases like these, DHT may not work.

The process

For direct hair implantation the specialist removes hair from other parts of the body and keeps them in a saline solution so that they are ready for grafting. Now small punctures are made on the scalp where there is no hair. Since the punctures are minuscule in size there are no scars. Now hair follicles are implanted one by one inside the punctures. The surgeon ensures that the implant happens in a manner that the implanted hair looks absolutely normal. They also implant the hair to facilitate normal growth. Using this process the surgeon can do up to 3,000 grafts a day. When the healing is complete in two to four days the hair transplant is complete.


There are many advantages of direct hair transplant. The first advantage is that there is no surgery or incision and hence the recovery time is less than a week. Secondly, the placement of the hair into the punctures is so well done that one cannot say that the hair is not natural. And hair growth also starts faster. So within a couple of weeks one can show off a crown full of hair.

There have been many recent developments in the domain of DHT. This mode of hair restoration is now largely preferred by people who are looking at hair transplant as the option. Using the most advanced methods the surgeon does a fantastic job and the patient goes back home happy. And of course, one must not forget to mention that the price paid for these permanent hair transplant methods is nothing compared to the benefits from draws from them.

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DHT – Direct hair transplant

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This article was published on 2011/03/31