Different Men's Hairstyles - Choose One That Suits Your Face

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If you have lustrous hair growth on your head, it adds to your charisma and your personality stands out. If you have good curls, you can go in for latest hairstyles. When opting for a hairstyle, check with your hairstylist which hairstyle would suit your face. Depending on the shape of your face, your stylist would suggest the required hairstyle. It is important to know that all types of hairstyle may not suit your face though it may be in trend. Some of the men's hairstyles and tips on which one to follow would give you an idea on what would suit your personality.

Short men's Hairstyles

- This hairstyle would go well with men who have a lively and active trait
- If your face is square shaped, it would be a total mismatch. Short cuts normally suit every other face.
- Short hairs cuts would go well with men who have straight curl. The curl should not be too curly. A soft or medium texture is preferred.
- Men with straight hair normally look younger as compared to men with curly hair. Moreover, many hairstyles can be tried with straight curl. As against curly hair, the hair first needs to be straightened permanently. There is no permanent cure for curly hair. The only way out is to go in for regular sittings of straightening.
- You could use wax, gel or pomade to style your curl. Styling products are used to give style and shape to your curl.

Medium Men's Hairstyles

- Medium hair lends a mature and wise look
- This hairstyle suits every face shape. If your face is spherical, make sure you do not use bangs.
- Go to textured choppy hairstyle, if you are particular on having different hairstyle choices.
- Round brush lends hair volume. A round hair-brush should be used for directing hair from the root to the hair top. You could use a hair-dryer which would give you the required bouncy look and effect

Long Men's Hairstyles

- Ideal for oval, spherical or heart faced men
- Long hair cuts makes the face look longer
- Ideal for men with very thin hair
- Use a hair-brush to brush your hair and then you can use a hairdryer and blow your hair for giving the requisite shape.
- Use funnel in the hairdryer. Make sure low heat is used for drying hair or else it would affect the hair quality.

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Different Men's Hairstyles - Choose One That Suits Your Face

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This article was published on 2010/03/27