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Coloring or highlighting hair is one of the most popular ways of getting a new look. Sure your natural hair color probably suits you best, but what's wrong in trying something new? After all, makeovers are for those who like a change! So along with your new haircut, you could also try choosing a hair color that will suit you best.

How to Choose a Hair Color?

There are some things that you need to keep in mind while choosing a hair color and style. While choosing a hair color, you have to keep in mind your skin tone and your original hair color too. It will be a futile exercise to give your hair a color that doesn't go with your features and complexion. Another thing to keep in mind is if you can carry it off. You might well want to color your hair in bright shades of red or violet, but if YOU think it looks odd, it will look odd. Whatever the color, you have to be able to carry it off. Here I'm going to discuss hair coloring ideas for different skin tones.

Hair Coloring Idea for Fair Skinned
If you are fair-skinned, the hair colors that are going to suit you best are blond, black, brown and golden. So if you want to go for , I suggest one of these colors. But if you're afraid of how this complete overhaul will look, I suggest getting highlights. If you are going for highlights, all the above colors are fine except black, I guess. You can also highlight your hair with colors like maroon and purple for a really funky look. For brown hair, you can have light-golden shades of blond, or you could also very lightly highlight your brown hair in copper shades. Black hair can be colored golden, purple or copper. Do not color your black hair in a severe shade of blond, unless you like Amy Winehouse's look!

Hair Coloring Idea for Dark Skinned
Dark-skinned people mostly have hair only in two colors, black or brown. (Unless they are 'graying'!) First let me classify skin tones among dark-skinned people. If you have Penelope Cruz's almond-colored skin tone, then I'd suggest something like copper, or even golden highlights. If you have a slightly darker skin tone, say like Tyra Banks, then like her you too can color your hair golden or dark blond. If you have a skin tone like Naomi Campbell, then with a little confidence and adventurousness, you too could try golden blond!

One trick I would recommend before coloring your hair is that, you can see pictures of other people on the Internet who have skin tones and hair color similar to yours. See what color and styles they have used, so that you get an idea what colors would suit you. You can also refer to the Internet for coloring and haircut styles and ideas, to have an image of what you want to look like, before you go to the salon. And if it doesn't suit them, well, you can learn from their mistakes!

You should be careful while choosing a hair color, as some hair coloring products may weaken your hair, leading to hair loss. Hence to ensure proper hair care, make sure you use good hair care products.

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Hair Colors Pictures | Hair colors ideas

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This article was published on 2010/10/29