Hair Conditioners - How Does the Hair Conditioner Benefit Your Hair?

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You will notice every shampooing dries off your hair. Even though you have been using water, the effect of chemicals used in shampoo will last after the wash too. The truth is almost after every wash, hair tends to lose some of its moisture and nutrition. However, shampooing is necessary to cleanse and clean the grime that logs itself generally on it and inside scalp.

At times such moisture and nutrition lost will not be able to replenish itself, at such times, it is only the conditioner that can help you with getting your hair back to normal and healthy. There are two main types of hair conditioner, one is the leave in conditioner and the other one is the wash away conditioner.

Leave in conditioners are mild and are designed to keep on providing nutrition as well as repairing damage throughout the day. However, some people do not find it as comfortable and they prefer the conditioner which needs to be washed away after application. This conditioner needs to be applied. You need to leave it in your hair for the time specified by the manufacturers and then wash it away thoroughly. This conditioner too, can provide you with all day long protection and conditioning of your hair.

There are many different reasons why a conditioner is a must after every shampoo:

1. Replenishment: Replenishing lost nutrition is a must for hair to return back to their health. Conditioner can do just that for you. You will not find the normal dryness of hair that is common after a shampoo. Instead after applying conditioner you will find your hair has become smoother and healthier.

2. Nourishment: Though the conditioner is already replenishing lost nutrition, for hair to grow and remain healthy and strong providing nourishment is a must. Conditioners have proteins and vitamins that are most nutritious and promote growth.

3. Protection: Hair conditioner protects your hair. All during the day, there are several factors that can actually damage hair. Your hair is susceptible to hair breakage when combing, damage from sunlight, etc. Conditioner will smooth hair and strengthen it, this will help in protecting hair from damage and enhancing the beauty of your hair.

4. Moisturizing: Moisturizing is the utmost important factor of hair care. Dryness can damage hair beyond repair, so there cannot be beautiful hair unless it has been moisturized properly. Conditioners moisturize hair making it shiny, smooth and silky.

Your choice of hair conditioner should depend strictly on your hair type.  

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Hair Conditioners - How Does the Hair Conditioner Benefit Your Hair?

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This article was published on 2010/03/31