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Looking for a little something different, like the new hair tinsel Beyonc has been supporting on the red carpet. The new hair bling has become so popular it was even mentioned on Oprah. There are all kinds of new bling available online. I recently found the new Calicrystals online.

The new crystals are a single hair crystal that attaches to your hair. They can be placed anywhere in womens hair with the new patented attachment system. The crystal can easily be removed just by sliding the crystal off without damaging the hair. Some products use glue and heat to attach their crystals, the Calicrystals come with an applicator to slide them onto your hair, no glue.

Calicrystals come in six gem colors rose, steel blue, pink, turquoise blue, peridot, and diamond. All of the hair crystals have a brilliant sparkle showing many different colors. The gems are 4mm in size, they look like stars in the hair when they sparkle. The translucent look of the crystals, add to the sparkle in a hair style.

The hair crystals are great for a night out on the town to bling up your hair or an elegant look for a wedding or prom. Some ladies just like to add a little everyday bling; Calicrystals are great for every day since they are reusable. When done with the hair crystal just save it for another time, dont forget to save the applicator to install them for the next time.

Finding the new hair tinsel online is pretty easy because there are so many companies offering it right now. The new calicrystals are only offered at Caliglimmers the exclusive dealer of the new product. The tinsel has been popular for the past 3 years, so change it up with Calicrystals. Ladies will find this product much more user friendly than the tinsel with the new patented system and applicator to install the hair crystals.
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Hair Crystals Or Hair Tinsel New Hair Bling

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This article was published on 2011/02/04