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Hair transplantation surgery is considered to be out-patient surgery. Hair transplant procedure can take from 38 hours (depends on number of hair to be transplanted) and is performed using local anaesthesia, some times supplemental oral or IV medication for sedation. Patients are often awake, but feel very relaxed because of the effect of the sedative. .The donor areas, where the grafts have been harvested is closed with sutures, usually absorb-able. The harvested follicles are implanted in bald area using small needles and forceps in stick and place technique.

This unit is unique in many senses:

We have well trained senior hair transplant surgeon and plastic and micro vascular surgeon trained in USA and Taiwan , trained Toxicologist, trained operation theater technician and well trained hair follicle splitters. The center is as per norms, is certified by Government health department.


As in FUT technique we take a skin strip from back side of scalp. We use magnification loupe to avoid damage to follicles, as well as while suturing also care is taken to avoid damage to donor site follicles.

Fine scar after taking skin strip:


We have STEREO MICROSCOPE (From England) for follicle dissection. These microscopes are specially designed for follicle dissection with patented technology which gives virtual 3Dimensional picture of follicle, so damage to follicles is nil. At the same time there is no extra tissue around follicles and all follicles are DE-epithelial. This improves faster revascularisation of follicles. Assistants are given proper training for working with these microscopes. Our follicle damage incidents are negligible.



Some follicles may have one hair/ two hairs / three hairs / four hairs)

Hair transplant is done in very friendly atmosphere with good music, TV and while transplant going on patient can see movies of his choice.

While transplant is going on patient can go to wash room, can have tea/ coffee etc. patient usually takes lunch / snacks with our team. At the end of day he is our friend.


Implantation of follicles is another very important step. It is very important to prevent damage to delicate follicles while handling them during implantation. It should be absolutely a traumatic. Stability of hand and delicate griping is necessary. We use Magnification lope (from Zeiss) to full fill all above requirements. Dr. A. g. is basically Micro- neuro- vascular surgeon who has 20 years experience of microsurgery and done many replants, and other micro surgical procedures. His handling to follicles is unmatched. At our unit we implant using needles. For one hair follicle unit we use 20G needle, for two hair follicle unit 19G needle and for three and four hair follicle unit 18G needles are used. Hair implantation using magnification.
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Hair Transplant Procedure

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This article was published on 2011/04/14