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Scars are probably one of the most unwelcomed results from a surgical procedure. Scars from hair transplant usually occur on two places: the donor and the recipient site. These scars usually appear at the back of the head as a transverse line or botched spots. Hair transplant scars are usually unsightly and are very distracting for the patient, considering that it is very obvious and quite significant in size.

Scarring is basically a natural process of the body. It is the body's attempt to repair any breakage in the integrity of the surface of the skin. The skin regenerates the cells and tissues bounded by fibers of collagen. The problem with scaring is that it cannot copy the exact characteristic of the skin the way it was before the damage. Scar tissues are usually rougher, firmer and less flexible than the normal skin.

Also, the skin may not be able to regenerate several tissues such as hair follicles, thus explains why scars are usually hairless and stands out in areas that are usually covered by hair such as the scalp.

The pigmentation is also another concern since scars are usually lighter or darker than the intact skin around them, adding to the obviousness of the lesion. The pigmentation usually depends on the person's skin color and the nature of the wound that caused it. However, a surgeon skilled enough in performing a good hair transplant can minimize the amount of scar produced by this procedure. A good surgeon can sometimes leave only a scar visible only by thorough observation. If, you have been already a victim of bad surgery and already suffers from a pretty obvious scar, you could try to cover it up with growing long hair.

Experts say that a wound with a width of 5mm and below can go unnoticed when covered with a sufficient amount of hair. A scar larger than 5mm could be quite obvious, and may be more difficult to cover up. This is why it is very important to discuss to your doctor regarding the development of scars. Also, it is wise to have your doctor's track record checked by you. You should make sure that your surgeon have had done at least 5 successful hair transplants with satisfied patients. This will lessen the chances of you having hideous scars forever.

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Hair Transplant Scars

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This article was published on 2010/09/22