Hair Transplant Scars

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Are you going bald and are you considering to have a hair transplant done? Wait just a minute! Don't rush into a hair transplant clinic thinking these people can fix you up so you'll be walking out a few hours later. It's not going to happen just like that. Getting a hair transplant is completely different from going to the barber shop for a hair cut. This is actual surgery we're talking about. And actual surgery requires that you get actual incisions, which will require you to go through some actual healing time.

While every hair transplant clinic consultant wants you to believe that that you're not going to have any trouble after the treatment, this is not how it happens in real reality. With many hair transplants today, a strip excision is performed on the back of your head. This is your donor hair and these hair follicles are going to be implanted back into your scalp again.

Hair Transplant Scars

The consultant will try to convince you that the scar you will have after getting this strip excision is going to remain pencil thin. In real life, it turns out these strip scars have a tendency to stretch and raise. This doesn't happen until months after the surgery, when it's too late to say anything about it to the people who performed your hair transplantation.

The scar in the back of your head is what people will complain about the most. But some people have also been so unfortunate as to get scarring on top of their heads. The recipient wounds that need to be made in order to make place for your donor hair, are normally very tiny.

Some bad hair transplantation clinics manage to make them too big, which leaves the door wide open for complications. Bigger wounds take a long time to heal and have a higher risk of infection. When these wounds start scarring, they're going to have a detrimental effect on the hairs that are implanted in them.

Not only will your scalp remain itchy for life, your results will be unsatisfactory. So take the time to look up a good hair transplant clinic and avoid this type of scenarios.

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Hair Transplant Scars

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This article was published on 2010/03/27