Hairstyles Through The Ages

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Hair styles have changed drastically throughout the ages. It is easy to picture people in biblical times with flowing hair on the men and women. Full beards, flowing robes, scarves and loose curls. It seems like everyone had beautiful hair full of soft, gentle curls that flowed out from under their headscarves in those days. The reality is their hair was most likely very dirty; custom wasn't the daily shower or bath that we have today. The beards were havens for all kinds of debris if not washed and dried properly. However, not on movies, the movies show beautiful women with shoulder length hair with the perfect amount of curls.

During the time of the great pharaoh kings, women wore their hair as straight as could be. Bangs were plucked and high foreheads were all the rage. The higher the forehead was the prettier the woman. Women wore their hair either pulled straight back with a headband or with short cropped bangs and straight sides and back. The hair of the Egyptians was jet black and beautiful. The culture of the Egyptians was cleanliness. Bathhouses were common for all and washing was ritualistic and religious. Grooming was an important part of the Egyptian life.

For millenniums hair was worn long for women. Curls were procured by wrapping the hair around object or rags and letting it dry, today's curly hair products were not available! Queen Antoinette was instrumental in making huge hairstyles a must for the court. She was bored, so to relieve her monotony she had elaborate dresses made and hairpieces that are even more outlandish added to her headdress. It was a terrible, painful, time to be a woman. The wigs were hot and itchy and often had critters living in them. Special combs were made for the express reason of itching the scalp. In Antoinette's doldrums, she started complex and very costly fashion that lasted began today's fashion industry.

Today is the anything goes era. We have curly hair products to help those who desire soft, bouncing, behaving curls, we have straighteners and straightening products to fight the curls and frizziness. Anyone can have any kind of hair she would like. Products are available from the grocery store to specialty store to the internet where wonderful products achieving amazing results are available. Hairstyles to change with the ages, what will history say about us in a 1000 years from now?
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Hairstyles Through The Ages

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This article was published on 2011/03/26