How To Handle These Annoying Razor Bumps

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Razor bumps are in fact ingrown hairs. It's hair of which grew back into the face. It could be caused by a number of things, nonetheless the most common as well as the most likely cause is simply shaving. Shaving your face may cut your hair at this angle it ends up being sharp. Razor blade bumps not simply bother the skin, but tend to even be really agonizing at times.


Make use of the following steps to prevent yourself from getting razor bumps:


Ensure that your hair is wet before you begin shaving. It's a smart idea to take a warm shower first of all. In case you don't shower then wash your face using warm, water and soap for about a few minutes. Wet hair cuts greater than dry hair and cuts far more evenly.


To reduce chaffing as well as irritation it's vital that you have a great shaving cream. Really work the shaving cream into your hair for several minutes. Cut areas which usually tend to get razor bumps the most for last. That way the shaving cream has some more time to soften the hair.


When you're shaving your face be sure you shave with the grain, not against the grain. It's one of the main reasons for razor burn.


Don't go over the same spot more than twice. Also don't strech the facial skin when you're shaving. Stretching out whenever you shave boosts the possibility that the hair will probably jump back into to under skin level leading to razor bumps.


Make sure that your razor blade is sharp. Never ever shave using a dull razor blade. In case your razor isn't sharp you can get hair tearing and this will hurt your skin layer greatly.




If you happen to already have razor bumps then there are several things you're able to do to ease your suffering. For starters don't shave every day. Allow the hair grow out for some time and give your skin layer a rest for a couple of days - the longer the greater. Bumps could possibly get contaminated quickly if you don't tend to them. If there is a cut start using a local anti-biotic or some similar resolution to prevent infections. The most significant suggestion is - Don't pick or squeeze or scrape the bumps! That can solely make issues considerably worse. Some recommendation is to try to pick them with a needle, I firmly advise against it due to the fact it's really dangerous and might bring on an infection.


If razors aren't doing work for you and are still creating a great deal of suffering then there's other ways to get rid of hair and that way clear away razor bumps. You can try a depilatory rather than razors. Depilatories dissolve your hair so it could be washed away. But the chemical compounds used in depilatories are powerful and can result in an irritation which means you needs to be cautious when applying them. 

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How To Handle These Annoying Razor Bumps

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This article was published on 2012/03/05