How to Tie in Hair Tinsel and Hair Shimmers

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Like everything it takes a little practice to learn how to tie in hair tinsel and have it stay in. After a few practice tie-ins you will have no problem doing this yourself. I have seen ladies that can tie them into their own hair using a mirror. Everybody has their own idea about how-to-tie in hair tinsel, we have tried them all. The secret to getting the shimmer to stay in is to only tie it to one hair. This will allow the hair to lock with the shimmer when you tighten the knot.

First select a hair along the top of your head at the part line. Remember you will be applying 5 to 20 strands of hair tinsel, you will want to space them out evenly from front to back. The person installing will have the recipient hold the hair with two fingers and pull it straight up away from their head.

The installer now makes a loop with the shimmer by folding it in half. It does not have to be folded right in the middle it can be offset so the ends of the shimmer do not line up. Now you will wrap the shimmer around the hair and pull the two ends through the loop, grab the two ends and pull them tight. This should make a slip knot around the hair, slide the knot of the shimmer to the base of the hair. Now you let the installer finish tying in the shimmers.

With the installer holding the hair, tie a knot with one end of the shimmer and the hair and tighten. Then you will grab the other end of the shimmer and make a knot with this. You can repeat this 2 or 3 times to secure the shimmer to your hair. The last knot you will want to give it a slight tug to secure the shimmer, it should lock it in place. If the shimmer does not slide on the hair when you tug on it, then you tied it in correctly. If you can slide the shimmer you will need additional knots.

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To get a professional look with the shimmer, try different color combinations and try placing them in different spots throughout the hair. If you would like to learn more or see some of the colors we carry come see us at We would be glad to assist you in tying in your shimmers. Learn from the pros at Caliglimmers.

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How to Tie in Hair Tinsel and Hair Shimmers

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This article was published on 2010/03/30