How To Treat Oily And Dry Hair Without Using Harmful Solutions

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Oiliness and dryness are two of the most common hair and scalp problems. Oily hair may look great after shampooing but you might notice that it looks messy and sticky by the end of the day. Dry hair often lacks luster, and it can also cause hair breakage and split ends. This article will be showing you a very simple routine that will help you solve your hair problems without spending a lot of money.

For people with oily hair, the best thing that you can do is to use clarifying shampoo. This particular type of shampoo works well in removing dirt and excess oil from your hair. When using clarifying shampoo, always remember to use conditioner to prevent hair dryness. Shampoos with natural ingredients like sage, nettle, and green tea can also help you deal with oil problems.

For people who are having problems with damaged hair or split ends caused by dry hair, all you have to do is to increase the moisture present in your hair and scalp. You can do this by using shampoos with coconut oil and shea butter. These products are known for retaining the luster and shine of your hair. Always remember to leave the product in your hair and continue massaging it for a few minutes before rinsing.

You can also add more moisture to your hair and prevent split ends by applying olive oil at the tip of your hair. Let the oil sit on your hair and wrap it with a plastic bag. This will further increase the amount of moisture that is in your hair, making it shinier and more beautiful.

Another thing that will help you have a healthy hair is proper and healthy diet. Your hair reflects the kind of lifestyle that you have, and if you are serious about having a more beautiful hair, then you need to observe a healthy lifestyle.
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How To Treat Oily And Dry Hair Without Using Harmful Solutions

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This article was published on 2011/01/27