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These days it is possible to have beauty salon grade hair styling directly inside your own home from using the Instyler hair iron. It is really a hair styler tool that is able to straighten, polish, as well as style the hair while providing professional grade results.

The Instyler is unlike the majority of hair stylers you have owned previously. It isn’t a simple flat iron or just a curling iron. Rather it is a moving hot iron that has four total rows of precision-aligned bristles.

The special design of this product shines hair strands separately, and permits the user produce results which might be a lot better when matched against original flat irons, or other warm hair styling tools.

A normal hair iron squeezes together, mashes and cooks the hair through 2 extremely hot plates. However the Instyler irons and presses each strand of hair one by one. The moving heated polishing cylinder gives your hair the warmth it needs to style and straighten it.

Given the fact that the cylinder rotates and is moving consistently, it won’t depress and cook your hair like a normal hair iron. The individual bristles would comb and separate your hair, while the moving motion of the hot cylinder helps shine each strand of hair to deliver more sheen, shine and body.

This polishing motion of the Instyler utilizes a smaller amount of heat than a regular flat iron and also often delivers better results. Furthermore the curvature from the hot polishing cylinder of the Instyler permits you to do curls,flips and add additional volume to the hair that you can’t with a regular flat iron.

To use the Instyler hair iron you only plug in the power cord and press down the on button. The LED signals on it would turn on and begin blinking. Once they stops blinking the Instyler hair iron could be used. You just close it through your hair and it’ll begin to rotate by itself.

You merely move it slowly down the entire length of your hair and replicate this process until you’re finished. The spinning hot polishing cylinder and bristles would do a decent amount of the work for you. The Instyler can also be utilized similar to a curling iron through wrapping your hair around the spinning hot polishing cylinder and shutting the Instyler.

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Instyler Review

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This article was published on 2010/12/08