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Many women will try to avoid using heated appliances during the summer. Not only is the extra heat uncomfortable but combined with strong UV rays, hair can become dry, brittle and damaged. Easy summer hairstyles based on classic trends look good while keeping hair in excellent condition.

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Natural Hair Styling Tips

Using heated products in the summer can make hair more damaged so it is a good idea to use alternative ways to style the hair. Here are some easy ideas to manage hair without heat:
1. Plait ½ inch sections of wet hair in the evening and leave overnight; this results in hair with a subtle crimped effect.

2. When choosing soft rollers to use overnight- remember that larger rollers will create big curls or loose waves and small ones will give a much curlier look.

3. Wear a hat that is lightweight in fabric and will keep the sun away from the face.

4. Hair accessories such as clips, combs and slides make hairstyles fun and reduce the need for poker straight hair.

5. Simply twirling hair sections of damp hair around fingers with a tiny amount of gel creates natural waves.

Classic Hairstyle Trends for summer

Perfect hairstyles for summer eliminate the need for excessive heat styling while keeping hair away from the face. Often trends reappear every summer, notably a type of braid, curls and up do. Accessories such as hair bands and clips can make a classic style more contemporary. The following five timeless styles will suit most women and hair types:
High Volume Ponytail

Create a ponytail perfect for summer by giving the neck a bit of air and keeps hair away from the face. Follow these steps to make an elegant ponytail for all hair types of mid to long length:

1. Section off the top middle two inches of dry hair.

2. Put the rest of the locks in a high ponytail.

3. Tease the loose top section, rake it back with fingers.

4. Wrap a clear elastic around it and the ponytail.

Summer Scarf Hairstyle

The best way to protect hair from the sun and dry winds is with a scarf. If this technique is mastered well then it creates a glamorous hairdo suitable for all occasions. Use this method to wrap hair in a scarf:

1. Fold the scarf until it’s about three inches wide twisting the ends.

2. Brush hair back, then place the scarf an inch or two behind the hairline ensuring the ends are an even length.

3. Tie the scarf twice at the nape of the neck underneath the hair.

Classic and Simple Hair Plait

Plaiting or braiding hair is simple and versatile and many celebrities have been seen with either a full plait, pigtails or braided sections of hair. Follow these instructions for a simple hair plait:

1. Brush dry hair back and divide into three even sections.

2. Take the right section of hair over the middle section.

3. Take the left section over the middle one.

4. Alternating the right and left sections- continue until the end of the hair.

5. Secure the end of the braid with a hair elastic or clip.

Mermaid Style Natural Curls

Curly hair gives an effortlessly chic look for the summer and makes straight hair appear shorter with more volume. This method works best on medium to long hair:

1. Begin with freshly washed hair and gently blot dry with towel.

2. Add a small blob of gel evenly to all the hair.

3. Set hair on medium sized velcro rollers, beginning with the top sections.

4. When hair has air dried, unroll and gently separate curls with fingers.

5. Set with hair spray to keep the curls from dropping.

Ballerina Bun

A ballerina bun is really flattering for women with delicate features and elongates the neck creating an elegant look. Here is the most simple way to create a ballerina style hairdo:

1. Lightly dampen hair by spraying with water and use a hair brush, to smooth hair back.

2. Secure hair tightly into a high ponytail (where the bun position will be) using an elastic band.

3. Comb through the ponytail and begin to twist the ponytail into a tight rope.

4. Wrap the twist around the base, tucking the ends into the ponytail.

5. Use pins to secure the bun into place.

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Natural Hair Styling Tips

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