Non Surgical Hair Transplants

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There are a lot of products available on the market today that will claim they can either prevent or reverse hair loss. Losing your hair is never fun. Nobody really wants to be bald. But at one time in your life, you will notice that your hair starts thinning. When this happens, most people will instantly start looking for ways to reverse or at least stop this process.

Advertisements on television, radio and Internet will bombard you with vitamin supplements, topicals, drugs, toupees, wigs and hair transplants. Which one should you pick? Since vitamin supplements don't really work, I advise you to stay away from those. The topicals aminexil and minoxidil have been proven to work. This goes for the drugs finasteride and dutasteride as well.

But these topicals and drugs only give you temporary results. As soon as you stop applying and/or taking them, your results will vanish after only a few months. The only method that gives you truly permanent results, is the hair transplant. But hair transplants are real surgery, and therefore very invasive to the human body.

Non Surgical Hair Transplants

The idea of non surgical hair transplants is gaining much popularity these days. But there is really no such thing as a 'non surgical hair transplant'. What people actually mean by 'non surgical' is that the donor hair is no longer excised in the form of a strip, leaving a big wound. The latest method of harvesting hair follicles from the back of your head, is by extracting them individually.

This is a painstaking chore, but it has a great advantage over strip hair transplant. When the follicles are extracted individually, they leave many tiny wounds all over the back of your head. These tiny wounds leave tiny bits of scar tissue when they heal. But you will most likely never be bothered by these.

It is a very non invasive way of performing a hair transplant. If you have heard other transplant patients complain about their strip scar and it has scared you off, then you might want to go for this type of hair transplant surgery.

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Non Surgical Hair Transplants

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This article was published on 2010/03/26