Prom Hairstyle Ideas And Tips To Have A Perfect Prom Hairstyle

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Every year thousands of teenage girls spend hours getting ready for prom night. It takes a lot of planning on the type of make-up, shoes, jewelry, perfume, dress, nails, and, of course, the hair to come up with a great look that will have the girl feeling like a princess for her special night. Having a stylish hairstyle for prom can really make the difference. There are a few steps to take to ensure that it will be absolutely perfect.

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1.First you will want to begin by looking through teen magazines, hairstyle magazines and paying attention to the hairstyles the stars wear at the awards ceremonies. Just remember when choosing a hair style from these outlets you are considering how your hair will work in the particular do. Ex. If you have short hair then a french braid will not work for you.

2.You will also have some prep work to do before the big night. First you will want to schedule an appointment for your prom hairstyle on the day of your prom. Keep time in mind when scheduling the appointment. Plan the appointment about two to three months out to ensure you are getting top pick of time slots. An appointment scheduled to early mean you may loose the do before prom begins, but an appointment too late may mean missing the first dance.

3.Be sure to pick the dress out before deciding on the hairstyle. You will also want to pick out the jewelry and accessories before doing the do. If you choose a simple dress then make it dressier with an elegant up do. If you have an elaborate evening gown then choose a do less extravagant, to show case the dress. You will also want to consider the neck line when choosing your do as well.

4.Choose more than one do. Always have a back up do ready in case your hair does not cooperate on the day of prom. This is can occur because of humidity or other weather conditions. Keep a positive outlook. If you can find two do's you like equally then there will be no problem come prom night.

5.Practice makes perfect. Practice your prom hairstyle several times if possible before prom night. If money is not an issue it would not be a bad idea to have a practice run with your hair dresser. While you are practicing and trying out hairstyles be sure to take pictures with your dress on. This way you can come back and make a better informed choice for your prom look.

6.It is also important to pack a survival kit in your car or purse. Include bobby pins, ponytail bands, hairspray, and a comb in case an emergency repair is in order.

Prom Hairstyles Tips

1. Do not make drastic hairstyle changes before prom.

2. Apply a moisture enhancing leave in product.

3. Apply your mascara carefully - avoid "clumping".

4. Manage hair by using effective hair care products and getting regular hair trims to keep split ends.

5. Start by shampooing your strands with a curl enhancing, moisturizing product.

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Read more on Tips for Prom Hairstyle and Celebrity Hairstyle and How to Apply Lipstick

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Prom Hairstyle Ideas And Tips To Have A Perfect Prom Hairstyle

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