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There are three primary colors loved across the globe, red, black and brown. The varying trends that differ year after year appear to have no impact on it. Red is the color of fire and passion and all that is wild.

Red will be the most captivating with the colors and that is true when dealing with hair dyes as well. Among all the colors however, red hair dye is the hardest to implement. And we will see why as we go along. The molecules of hair dye need to stay in the cuticle for the color to stay but red hair molecules are very small.

Washing your hair will also cause these molecules to come out due to their size. So don't anticipate your hair to remain red for extremely lengthy regardless of the type of dye utilized. When customers hear this nevertheless, they don't seem to care. The art can trace its roots thousands of years to Egypt.

You will find four commercial varieties of hair dye sold on the markets these days. These are dyes which are permanent, semi-permanent, demi permanent and temporary. Unfortunately, they are able to all harm the hair to varying degrees. Colors which are very light like blonde or cherry reds generally entail probably the most damage for your hair.

While permanent hair dyes last the longest, they are also probably the most damaging. This is due to the lightening agents utilized. Lightening is essential for extremely light colors. They're permanent, which indicates you'll need to color within the roots as your hair grows.

Semi permanent dyes are regarded as by some to be the most popular. Dyes are not allowed to penetrate the cuticle fully with this type. The colors will slowly come out the much more your wash your hair. Anticipate this type of dye to last anywhere from nine to twenty washes at most. On the upside, this form of coloring does small harm to the hair. And the least damaging of all dyes are temporary hair dyes.

With this dye, your hair has a low possibility of harm as the dye never penetrates the inner cuticle. As it is temporary, expect the colors to last only for three or so washes. It's great for those searching for a temporary alter in hair color.
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Red Hair Dye

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This article was published on 2011/07/27