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Unwanted hair!  Whether under the arms on the legs or the bikini area, and even though is one of the most natural things women don’t like it.  Hair growth can be for a variety of reasons, hereditary, or a medical reason such as polycystic ovaries or even the menopause but still classed as undesirable.  Women have hunted for centuries for the best way for eliminate it and have found many methods some painful or expensive but probably still the easiest, cheapest and less painful way is shaving.

The next dilemma what do I use?  Wet shave or electric?  Cream or gel?  There are just too many to choose from.  When it comes to getting a razor it’s always best to go for quality rather than just a bargain.  Cheap razors can cause skin irritation and not give a smooth shave. If you are a regular shave then you can always invest in a good electric shaver.  There are many different ones around for you to choose from, some use gels and creams, some you can use in the shower or use dry and many have fancy gadgets for trimming and shaping, so always read the label and make you sure you get the right one for your needs.  The use of these also eliminates those nasty nicks and cuts you get with disposable razors.  Even though they may seem more expensive to purchase they will save you money in the long run as looked after properly they should last several years. 

Like with electric shavers there is also a choice in disposable razors.  Some have micro fins some have moisture strips which are good for a smooth glide across the skin rather than a drag. With disposable razors make sure you change them regularly there is nothing worse than shaving with a dull blade and this can encourage the growth of growing hairs. 

The best place to shave is in the shower.  The reason for this is that the hot water softens the hairs making them easier to cut especially the course hair in the arm pit of around the pubic area.  The warm water relaxes the skin allowing the hair follicle to stand on end which again makes it easier to cut and reducing wear on the blade.  What will make it even better is if you can apply a gel or cream and let soak in for 3-4 minutes.  The thicker the cream the better as it helps the follicle stand up reducing friction and also helps against irritation protecting the skin.

Experts recommend that you shave in the same direction as the hair growth and only to go against the growth if the hair has soaked for a few minutes first and it is always best to use a good cream.  Exception to this is the legs where it is recommended you take long upward sweeps.  The under arm hair however, grows in all directions so short sweeps side to side and up and down should be used.  Always make sure there is cream on the area to be shaved and re-cream if necessary also rinsing the blade as often as possible too, both small tips to a smooth comfortable shave.

After shaving it is advised that you apply a moisturising lotion which not only keep the skin soft but also the hair follicles which helps reduce the itchy irritation caused by stubble in between shaving.


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Shaving foam

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Shaving foam

This article was published on 2012/02/20