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Sports - the word sparks many different reactions – adrenaline, excitement, energy, as well as fatigue! Whether you enjoy taking part in the thrill and competition of sports or would rather look pretty in the audience and get your rush from your favourite player, one thing that does come with any sports are the associated styles. If you need to know how to fit the perfect hairstyle in with your favourite sport read on!

If you want to keep it simple, a great way of styling your hair for sports is in a neat ponytail. Perfect for men and women, this look can still be individualised with different heights and positions, as well we using plaits in the remaining hair and funky hair bands.

A favourite hairstyle from 2011 has to be the braided hairband. A perfect solution to any hair type, the plaited hair band can be natural or assisted with hair pieces, and suits everyone. If you want to implement the braided hairband into your style, this would be brilliant when playing sports – keeping the hair out of the eyes while still looking stylish, plaited hairpieces can be purchased almost anywhere. If you have thin hair, make sure that the plait is thinner, and likewise thicker for hair with more natural volume.

Taking braids to the extreme like American NBA star Allern Iverson is another way of keeping your hair hot but out of your face when playing sports. Iverson goes for a total braided style with all of his shoulder length hair plaited down to his head for games. He keeps fans on their feet by changing up the style from time to time, keeping the braids straight, in zig zags or slightly curved.

David Beckham is undoubtedly one of the most well-known men in sports. Loved by people all over for his style, smooth words and all round stunning sports ability, Beckham barely ever gets it wrong. It can certainly be said that Beckham has been somewhat experimental with his hairstyles through the years, but one look that was fail-proof was his spiked style. Beckham kept it short in the early noughties with his natural coloured honey-brown hair in neat spikes, keeping his style practical but always on point.

While spiky hair is a style that can't really be done with any assistance, braids and ponytails certainly can. If you would like to invest in a human hair piece to help style your hair, visit Bloomsbury Wigs today.

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Sports Hair Styles

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This article was published on 2012/03/13