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The Turboion Croc Hair Straighteners are as innovative in its features and benefits to the hair as it is in its creative design. The plates of the Croc flat iron have an adorable resemblance to the long snout of a crocodile. But Turboion Crocs ingenuity doesnt end there. Innovative heating technologies and patented mechanics make the Croc hair flat iron a must-have, and beauty editors, professional stylists, celebrities, and the average consumer cant seem to get enough of this fabulous flat iron.

The professional Croc Straightening Iron features a patent pending turbo ion generator. For every square centimeter of hair, this generator emits more than five million negative ions. This unheard amount of emission of ions combined with solid ceramic plates ensure that the cuticle of the hair is sealed and that hair is straightened with evenly distributed heat that leaves natural moisture locked in the hair while causing the least amount of damage. The result? Smoother, shinier, more manageable hair that looks, feels soft and stays healthy. One of the most impressive features on this iron is its Automatic Temperature Reserve which reduces its temperature when not in use. The Croc flat iron reserves the heat while at rest, and when it is picked up to be used again, it heats back up to its optimal temperature quickly and automatically.

Turboion Croc Flat Irons are available in titanium, nano-titanium, solid ceramic and infrared heat in several colors and plate sizes. There is even a few wet to dry Croc flat irons, in ceramic and titanium, which transforms damp hair to completely dry, smooth and straight hair effortlessly.

Turboion Croc Straightening Irons are getting rave reviews from salon professionals and consumers seeking pin straight, shiny smooth results. They are undoubtedly a must-have brand for anyone seeking a flat iron with multiple benefits and consistent results.
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Turboion Croc Hair Straighteners - Review

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This article was published on 2011/01/26