What is Natural Hair Straightening?

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Black women have been straightening their hair for years. However, many black women have been going about it the right way, me included. Natural hair straightening methods have been around for a while yet many people choose not to use them for whatever reason. So, I thought it would be a good idea to let black women who do not know about Natural Hair Straightening know what they are missing out on.

Natural hair straightening can be a variety of different methods. However, when it boils down to the basic meaning it can be described as a way to achieve straight hair without having to use heat or harmful chemicals. Personally, I have found that hot oil treatments get the job done for me. The process does not take long at all and the results are beautiful. Not to mention the fact that it also does not damage my hair. To start all I have to do is heat the hair oil and massage it into my scalp for about twenty to thirty minutes. Then, I comb my hair through and let a hot towel sit on my head for about another thirty minutes.

Hot oil works best for me but it is not something that you have to use yourself if you do not want to. There are other natural straightening methods out there such as milk and even coconut and lime juice. Some people choose to use the previously mentioned methods because they find that they do not have to spend any money because those products can easily be found in their fridge.

Overall, Natural Hair Straightening is something that all black women should look into. Trust me over time you will get tired of your ends splitting and your edges falling out and having to turn to buying products that claim to help fix the problems. However, you can easily avoid spending all this access money by just turning to doing things the natural way.

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What is Natural Hair Straightening?

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This article was published on 2012/01/26