What Kills Hair Follicles and Are There Any Solutions?

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Regardless of whether you are a male or female, no one wants to lose their hair. But with hair loss being a far more often problem for men, with many of them losing hair throughout their lives, it can be a good idea to look at what kills hair follicles, is there a way to prevent it or even a way to renew the follicles?

If you look anywhere chances are you will have lots of medical jargon flung at you that you won't understand entirely. There are several 'normal' reasons for hair loss which we could probably establish ourselves such as, burning or having a scalp injury at some time during your life.

Or, perhaps having a fungal infection which will damage the follicles and the lovely medical jargon reason is due to the androgen hormone being converted into dihydrotestosterone which will over the years build up in the hair follicle preventing you to grow healthy hair normally.

The first two reasons can seem easily avoidable to some extent, it is just the last, is there any way to prevent or resolve a build up of dihydrotestosterone.

There are typically lots of drugs out there which are to combat the effects of damaged hair follicles; it is just a case of finding the one which is the most effective which is likely to work for you. If you are noticing some hair loss then get yourself to a physician quickly to discuss these drugs as it can be far harder to treat follicles when the damage is severe.

For those who do have severe damage, you may find it helpful to combine two separate methods to improve your hair follicles. Another option are the hair re-growth products you see in television ads.

Many of us see this adverts and laugh them off as they claim to restore hair growth, however many do not realise that they aim to stimulate the hair follicles and target the problems which lie beneath which will in turn promote more health growth, these products will not be effective for everyone however they are certainly worth a try, even if you are on drugs for this trying one of these products can be helpful.

Knowing what kills hair follicles is great as it means you are better able to understand what is happening and how you can prevent it happening. It can be a distressing time however if you realise soon enough then it can be prevented.

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What Kills Hair Follicles and Are There Any Solutions?

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This article was published on 2010/10/29