Why the Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment Comes So Highly Recommended

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Bad hair days may now well and truly be a thing of the past thanks to the introduction of numerous hair straightening treatments, the latest of which is the Brazilian hair straightening treatment. This revolutionary solution originates in Brazil and is now widely available in salons all across the UK and it is easy to see why it is gaining so much attention and popularity.

This solution straightens the hair using a product called keratin. Our hair, skin and nails actually comprise of keratin so this treatment is a natural aid to your hair. A layer of this keratin is applied to your natural locks and is then sealed into your hair using a flat iron heated up to 450 degrees. The result of having this carried out is healthy, straight and frizz free locks. I know a lot of you will now be thinking how can any form of straightening actually improve the health of your hair? Well this treatment does! If your hair is damaged, coloured or bleached you can have it carried out and it will actually improve the condition of your hair. This is because it doesn't straighten using harsh chemicals; it does so using keratin which helps repair the damaged cuticles of the hair. However this treatment isn't a permanent straightening method. It will start to grow and fade out over time, which means after about three or four months your hair will start to return to how it was before the treatment was applied.

The more you have the solution carried out on your hair the better condition it will end up in and the longer it will take between treatments. Also as summer is very fast approaching we all know what hot and humid weather can do to our hair, one word, frizz! This makes the Brazilian hair straightening treatment the perfect solution for the fact it only lasts a few months, giving your hair the relief it needs and giving you more time to enjoy the sunshine as you won't be battling with your hair every morning.

It generally takes around two hours to have the solution applied to your locks, which isn't much when you consider how much time it will save you everyday. Then after these two hours if you have wavy or straight hair it will make your locks poker straight while still looking natural. If your locks are very curly then it will enhance the curl and eliminate frizz.

If you do have the treatment applied then there are a number of aftercare procedures that are important to keep in mind and follow. These include the following; you shouldn't wash or get your locks wet or tie your locks back for at least four days. Basically during these four days don't use anything on your hair. If you have any kinks simply go over your hair with a flat iron. It is also important that you wash your hair less in order to maintain the straightened hair longer as the treatment is only temporary. You should also keep in mind the fact that swimming in chlorinated pools or salt water will shorten the life span of the treatment as will excessive sun exposure.

The better you look after your locks when you have had this treatment applied the longer it will last so keep aspects such as the above in mind and enjoy your silky smooth straight hair as much as you enjoy the summer months.

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Why the Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment Comes So Highly Recommended

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This article was published on 2010/04/02